Extraction and analysis of biologically active compounds in different Algerian honeys


Hamza Belkhodja, Asmaa Belmimoun, Boumediene Meddah

Aim: The aim of our work is to determine the qualitative and quantitative composition of honey from different regions in Algeria. Method: A qualitative and quantitative analysis was carried out on honey polyphenol extract with the characterization of the majors groups and the determination of the amount of total polyphenols. Results: The results indicate that the honey polyphenol extracts have different rates of phenolic compounds (Flavonoids, Tannins and Cardenolides). The polyphenol extracts present a concentration of 0.32, 0.4, 0.76 and 0.39 mg GAE/100 g for the extract of Mascara, Oran, Jijel and Tlemcen respectively. Conclusion: The different types of tested honey present a variable composition on phenolic compounds which allowed us to determine the different therapeutic properties of honey.