2nd world congress on Advanced Nutraceuticals and Functional Food

Awards 2020 - Journal of Apitherapy (2021)

2nd world congress on Advanced Nutraceuticals and Functional Food

Arup Ratan Barman
1Holy spirit university of kaslik(USEK), Lebanon

Published: 27-Feb-2021


The Conference “2 nd world congress on Advanced Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods” consists of Several competition to encourage students and Speakers. We will provide 50+ Awards for best researchers, Poster presentation and best young researchers. The awards will be young scientist award, Best Poster award, Research Excellence award, Best Keynote Speaker Award, Best Plenary Award

Awards 2020

The awards will be young scientist award, Best Poster award, Research Excellence award, Best Keynote Speaker Award, Best Plenary Award.

The selection will be based on the following Guidelines

1. Presentation Style

2. Research Quality

3. Design/Layout

4. Method of Explanation

5. Responses for questions from Judiciary members

The selection should be based on the following

• Poster presentation clarity and oral explanation.

• Perfect answer to the overall question from Poster Judges and the completeness of work

Poster guidelines:

• The poster size should be in the format: 40" x 59" or 1X1.5 Sq.Mts.

• The content space should be proportional: divide the poster either horizontally or vertically into three or four sections, and place the materials within those spaces.

• Use large font text (your text should be at least 18-24 pt; headings 30-60 pt; title >72pt.)

• Choose the colors Professionally, carefully and pay attention to contrast.

• Cropping, Margins and Spacing: All the edges and margins should be in a straight line and even order. The content shouldn’t be overcrowd and it should be balance from top to bottom and from either sides of margin. Organize the elements into columns.

• The content and information should not be too little

• Posters should have the following information.

1.Title (with authors and affiliations)









10.Contact information

• The Posters should stimulate discussion, do not give a long presentation. Therefore, keep minimum text with crispy content, emphasize graphics, and make sure every information in your poster is necessary.

• The ink while using for printing should be in high quality.

• No other Laptops, computers or extra aids shouldn’t be used during a poster presentation.

• Posters should be kept at the allotted places before 2 hours prior to the poster session and can be removed at the end of the conference.

• Keep the poster for 15 minutes per visitor/judge (10 minutes discussion regarding research & 5 minutes query session).

• Maximum 2 participants can present a single poster for the poster presentation.

• The participants should stand on sides of poster. Therefore, allow other scientists to visit and view the posters.

• Carry your poster to the meeting hall or poster presentation hall, by using tubular packaging or a portfolio case.


• Advancing flawlessness and seeing astounding duties made by the young specialists for their work done basically during the time of study.

• Find out about professional advancement and the latest research devices and technologies in the field.

• Graduates are propelled by the opportunity to pick neighbourhood or worldwide subjects of pertinence/enthusiasm to them, and develop their own sensible assessments and models attracting locally or generally.

• 2 specialists will be picked for the Awards.

• Chance to be an understudy agent around the world.

• Discounts at the PULSUS gathering, at various overall venues in future.

• Chance to appropriate full length papers in our supporting international journals of respective conference

• Best Young Scientist Award introduction will be named by the board of members and in the event that they can distribute in supporting overall diaries of the separate meeting at free of getting ready charges.

• Guidelines:

Any researcher, engaged with explore work labs/foundations, who isn't over 35 years old, is qualified for the Award.

Criteria: Each scientist has to submit their unique research work

Applicants must:

• Submit the paper as first author through the Abstract Submission System.

• Submit the supporting materials recorded underneath

• Be ready to introduce their work at PULSUS gatherings

• Materials should be in English

• Copy of visa for the proof of age.

• Completed application form from website.

• New updated Curriculum vitae

• All entries must be in English.

• All the presentation ought to be in oral structure as it were.

• Each youthful researcher is required to make a short introduction (15 minutes) about his/her exploration work before the Organizing advisory group at the occasion. This might be trailed by 5 minutes question-answer session

• The grants are given for remarkable commitments made by the Young researchers on work done.

• Scientific societies of national/international standing, university faculties, postgraduate departments or research institutions may make selections of qualified competitors.

• The designation will be made in the recommended arrangement. Delicate duplicate (in MSWord just), alongside every supporting record of the up-and-comer through email to (Applicants are mentioned to send a duplicate of all reports to with the title: Young Scientist Award)

Need of Documentation:

• Details of competitor (Name, DOB, Nationality, Gender, present assignment, division, Summarize the most noteworthy work of the candidate on which the proposal is based)

• One competitor is qualified to exhibit just one talk under the youthful researcher grant classification, and the moderator ought to be either the first author or co-author of the work.

• Papers will be acknowledged dependent on the uniqueness and oddity of the work.

• Organizing members is at risk to dismiss the paper anytime if any cases are made on the oddity of the work


1. Advancing Perfection and seeing wonderful duties made by the students for their work done during their time of study.

2. We will Provide get Student Ambassador Award

4. Opportunity to Co-ordinate with accomplices around the globe

5. Opportunity to disperse full length paper in Journals.

Need of Materials

• Unique Abstract with investigate title

• Biography of the member

• Photography o the member.

All accommodation ought to be in English

Submit your abstract to participate in the competition during April 06-07, 2020

Materials need for Participation

• Unique Abstract with research title

• Biography of the participant

• Photography o the participant.

• All submission should be in English

• The abstract will be selected based on the novelty of research and uniqueness of content.

• Each scientist has to submit unique research work

• We are welcome to take part in the event and get best award by showing your research and technology.

Names of Awards

Students- Young Research Award Food science 2020

Poster- Best Poster Food science 2020

Speaker- Best Food science Orator Keynote- Best Keynote Food science 2020