Western honey bee and their behaviour

Commentary - Journal of Apitherapy (2021)

Western honey bee and their behaviour

Susanna Larsson*
Department of Apitherapy, University of Berlin, Germany
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Susanna Larsson, Department of Apitherapy, University of Berlin, Germany, Email:

Received: 04-Nov-2021 Published: 30-Nov-2021


The western honey bees comes under the Apis mellifera Species. The western honey bee lives in group in a colony with one reproductive female bee and other are drones . The western honey bees colonies are organized by between the complex individuals by pheromones and also by dance language. The western bees are first domesticated insert and they are first to be domesticated by the bee keeper. The western bee are also called as European honey bee S6t3Bh9Gwo


Honey Bee; Propolis; Apis Mellifera ; Langstroth ; Royal Jelly

The Western honey are subdivided and recognized as 20 subspecies . These are located in mostly in Europe , Middle East and also some part of Africa. The western honey bees are plays an important role asa a model organism in the research studies . The western bees are more effected by pests and the diseases. One of the Varroa mite which is parasite that attacks the honey bees which leads to the colony collapse . The western honey bees are also listed at various list and show that the western honey bees show that there is a huge decline in the western honey bee population and number of colonies. In the scientific study , the Western honey bees are mentioned in fields of social evolution , learning and also memory and they are also studied in pesticide toxicity .Western honey bees are studied by an author Karl Von who is the nobel prize winner in the study of honey production which is in field of physiology. Western honey bees are plays an important in agricultural sector sine the pollination plays a vital role in food production .Other then that western honey bee also produces the other products like bee wax, Royal jelly Bee bread . Western honey bees are every part of continents except Antarctica .

Behaviour of Western Honey Bee

The western honey bees are given task which is much similar to social species.The queen bee leaves the nest only to mate with male bees which are present in very less in a colony . These male bees are not not capable of feeding themselves so there only work iss to mate with queen bee.

The worker bees are most productive bee in the colony .During the early days these worker bees work is to maintain clean and to take care of the larvae . After they reach last period they are allotted to do bulid the individual comb cells .After the building of comb cells the worker bees receive the pollen and nectar from the matured workers so when there young worker becomes strong they are ready to go and collect the pollen and nectar outside the nest and search the food till they die.

Management of Western Honey bees

Honey bee management is done in different and varies style and range worldwide.The tools used for the making the honey bee colonies is also distinct. The most famous styles are tops , bar , langstroth hives which mostly used in the north American places. Langstroth hives are the volatile boxe with frames. These frames allows for disease treatment , honey collection without damaging the colonies. With movement of Western honey bees the pests and the pathogens are spread around the world. So the bee keepers use an well organized pest management plan to interrupt the effects of numerous pest and pathogen related problems. The pest control method includes the replacing the queens , apiary location ,supplemental feedings, Trapping the pest in colonies and preventive treatments.


Western honey bees are playing an important role in the agriculture field as a pollinator which help in pollination . So this lead to increase in the cultivation of the crops. The further study is to be done to know the differentiation between the wild and non wild colonies to conserve the position of the species in the wild.