Randy W. Worobo

Department of Apitherapy, University of Washington, USA


  • Editorial   
    Bee Keeping and Honey Production
    Author(s): Randy W. Worobo*

    Beekeeping, beekeeping care, and bumble bee settlement executives. They are conserved for their nectar and other products, as well as for their use as pollinators of foods cultivated from ground blossoms or as a recreational activity. Bumble bees are kept in enormous urban areas and towns, on homesteads and rangelands, in timberlands and deserts, from the Arctic and Antarctic to the Equator, as part of their training. Bumble bees aren???t domesticated. Those that live in a bee colony or hive, a man-made dwelling, are the same as those who live in a province in a tree... Read More»

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