Saad Al-Kahtani

Arid Land Agriculture Department, King Faisal University, Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia


  • Hypothesis   
    Back to Ancient Remedy: Could Inhalation of Aerosolised-Honey and Propolis Tincture Protect Against the COVID-19 Pandemic?
    Author(s): Yahya Al Naggar*, Yahya Al Naggar, Galal Yahya, Galal Yahya, Saad Al-Kahtani and Stefan Stangaciu

    The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating in most of the countries creating a state of international alert. After a year of COVID-19 emergence, while some COVID-19 vaccines are currently being produced and available, new concerns regarding their safety and efficacy are coming up particularly with the emergence of mutated strains of SARS-CoV-2 virus. Here, we propose an alternative, inexpensive and natural approach that could attenuate or/and eliminate the respiratory symptoms of COVID-19 by inhalation of body temperature aerosolized-honey and propolis tincture particularly in developing countries. Vapor inhalation of this mixture might also fight the virus, modulate the immune system, and attenuate the exaggerated inflammatory response of COVID-19 before, during or after it occurs. This strategy could also be important as a home remedy and for healthcare employees since.. Read More»

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