Bee Products and Their Application

Commentary - Journal of Apitherapy (2021)

Bee Products and Their Application

Linlin Xu*
Department of Apiculture, University of Fudan, China
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Linlin Xu, Department of Apiculture, University of Fudan, China, Email:

Received: 04-Nov-2021 Published: 25-Nov-2021


Bee products are nothing but natural product that are obtained by bees. Some of bee products are bee pollen, royal jelly,propolis. From ancient times bee products are in use. Bee venom is used in treating many diseases and and also used as folk medicine since they have healing Capability. They have healing properties due to presence of bioactive molecule content.The process of treating and healing by using the traditional medicine .is known as Apitherapy.The apitherapy has a powerful impact in healing and many diseases like rheumatic disease and neurological problems.Bee product are playing an important role in sine they have wide range of benefits like healing effects many properties like antioxidant ,inflammatory and antiviral properties.


Bee Product ; Rheumatic Disease, Apitherapy ; Bee Venom ; Royal Jelly

Honey Bee are know as master chemist. Honey is also used as food source and they have many nutritional values and Benefits.The honey is stable and very reliable food source since it has large storage capacity which enable the honey bee to warm their nest during cold climate condition . Bee product are used in wide applications Bee products are propolis,royal jelly , bee venom. The product like bee venom and royal jelly are chemically synthesized by bee themselvesThese allows them to became perennial species that can be capable in exploit in all habitat around the world.

To improve the diet and be fit modern consumers are seeking natural food product which contains bioactive product from natural source. The Scientific study says that the bee product have many health benefits due to presence of antioxidant , inflammatory and antibacterial properties. They are in attempt to pair with the other atoms and also even the single electrons to produce atom and receive the electrons from other atom. This produce a reative oxygen species and also free radical that leads to molecular transformation gene variation in many organisms. This lead to development of chronic diseases like cancer, rheumatoid arthritis. The reactive species are generally generated due to poor living lifestyle and environment condition. The radical theory states that active free radicals are invovled in the cellular degradation process that cause the death of cell. The Antioxidants are the molecules that have the capacity to slowdown the oxidation of the other molecules since the honey extracted by the bee from nectar from the plants secretes various substance from the plants so by this we can say that various substance are acquired by the bee. So this lead to the composition honey including physical properties and this is also linked directly too geographical, environmental distinctive of place they produced.

Bee products Application

The honey has many nutritional values . The nutrient in honey helpful particularly in skin care. Honey have antibacterial properties . The antibacterial properties is useful for ache treatment. The honey has antioxidant properties helpful in anti-aging treatment. . Honey is also can be used as moisturizer and use of gives natural glow to skin.

Bee Venom used in treating the diseases

Bee venom is used in treating arthritis and also other chronic pains. Bee venom is recently used cosemetics industry with other bee products. Some cosemetic industry use it in skin cream and serum.


Bee products plays an important role in field of medicine and cosematics.Honey products has antimicrobial properties which are it is helpful in curing diseases .Near future the honey product have the capability to be available in field of pharmaceutical product.