Linlin Xu

Department of Apiculture, University of Fudan, China


  • Commentary   
    Bee Products and Their Application
    Author(s): Linlin Xu*

    Bee products are nothing but natural product that are obtained by bees. Some of bee products are bee pollen, royal jelly,propolis. From ancient times bee products are in use. Bee venom is used in treating many diseases and and also used as folk medicine since they have healing Capability. They have healing properties due to presence of bioactive molecule content.The process of treating and healing by using the traditional medicine .is known as Apitherapy.The apitherapy has a powerful impact in healing and many diseases like rheumatic disease and neurological problems.Bee product are playing an important role in sine they have wide range of benefits like healing effects many properties like antioxidant ,inflammatory and antiviral properties. .. Read More»

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